What is Research Dive?

Research Dive is a hackathon-style event organized by Pulse Lab Jakarta (PLJ), in which groups of researchers get together to explore and analyse given data sets related to the development and humanitarian issues in Indonesia within a four-day period. Selected researchers from research organizations will be grouped into four to five teams, to analyze data, develop analytical tools, and produce technical reports that will be widely shared.

Who is eligible to apply?

We are interested in the following profiles:

  • Lecturers with a postgraduate degree (master's or doctorate) with (a) two to seven years of relevant research or teaching experience in areas related to the research tasks, highlighted below, and (b) two or more scientific/ technical publications
  • Researchers pursuing doctoral degrees with two or more scientific/ technical publications in fields related to the research tasks
  • Researchers with a doctoral degree in related disciplines but no longer than six years experience post-doctorate.

Selection of participants

PLJ will select the final list of participants based on (a) academic background, (b) research experience including publication records, and (c) the quality/relevance of the applicant’s suggested approaches to data analysis.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1. What is the format of the event?

The Research Dive will be held over a four-day period. Participants will be welcomed on the first day with an introduction to the lab, followed by a brainstorming session on the research methods. Over the next two days, the participants will conduct research in their respective groups. The final presentation will take place on the last day, to share their findings and receive peer feedback.

  • Day 1. Greetings, Introduction & Brainstorming Session (03.00 pm - 06.30 pm)
  • Day 2. Research Dive (08.00 am - 09.00 pm)
  • Day 3. Research Dive (08.00 am - 09.00 pm)
  • Day 4. Final presentation (half-day, will be ended around 12.00 pm)

2. I pursued my doctoral degree more than 6 years ago, may I participate?

Research Dive is designed for mid-career researchers. We assume that applicants will have had their doctorates for approximately six years, as an indicator of having reached mid-career level. We consider those who have had their doctorates for more than 6 years to be senior researchers. While senior researchers are regrettably ineligible to participate in this event, we hope that there will be other opportunities for collaboration in the future.

3. I have master degree with 2+ years relevant experiences in related areas, but I do not have enough scientific publication, may I apply?

Please contact to plj-proposal@un.or.id

4. How are the teams selected?

The participants will be grouped based on task preference, research experience, and academic background.

5. What should I bring to Research Dive?

Participants are strongly recommended to bring their own laptop, charger, flash disk/external hard disk, research tools, instruments, software and any additional materials they may need. If there is an additional software, please contact to plj-proposals@un.or.id

6. Is there any accommodation and transportation provided?

PLJ will cover the participants' expenses including transportation (from outside-Jakarta only), meals and snacks, and accommodation for the duration of the event.

7. Do we have to attend all of the discussion sessions?

We strongly encourage participants to be present for the entire event in order to have a better understanding of the research topic and fully immerse in the research dive experience.

8. I was participant of previous Research Dive, may I apply for the second time?

Each Research Dive has different theme. If you have relevant research experience and hands-on skills on related theme, you are welcome to apply.

9. Whom do I contact for further information about Research Dive?

Please send your further question through plj-proposals@un.or.id

Pulse Lab Jakarta  |   Wisma Nusantara 5th Floor Jl. MH. Thamrin No.59 Jakarta-Indonesia  |  +62-21-3983-8473  |  plj-proposals@un.or.id