Research Dive 10: Inclusive Development and Humanitarian Responses


12 JUNE 2023

Pulse Lab Jakarta is collaborating with Saraswati, in partnership with CBM Global Disability Inclusion and Data Science Indonesia, for an upcoming Research Dive for Development focusing on inclusivity. Persons with Disabilities often face disadvantages and have higher barriers to enjoying the same human rights and freedoms as their non-disabled counterparts. These barriers include inadequate data and evidence. The upcoming Research Dive aims to identify the knowledge and data gaps to promote more relevant and higher-quality data by enhancing researchers' familiarity with several data sets, including data on disability collected by the government, such as socio-economic surveys and data for disability, such as schools for children with disability. By bringing together stakeholders and exploring new ways for data integration, Research Dive has the potential to advance our understanding of disability and improve outcomes for persons with disabilities.


PLJ and Saraswati intend to invite about 16 mid-career researchers from Indonesian universities or research institutions with data-centric backgrounds (economics, computer science/information engineering, statistics, geography) and subject matter expertise with some experience in data analysis. In particular, we are interested in the following profiles:

  • Lecturers with a postgraduate degree (master’s or doctorate) with (a) two to seven years of relevant research or teaching experience in areas related to the research tasks, highlighted below and (b) two or more scientific/ technical publications; or,

  • Researchers pursuing doctoral degrees with two or more scientific/ technical publications in fields related to the research tasks, below; or,

  • Researchers with a doctoral degree in related disciplines but no longer than six years research or teaching experience post-doctorate.

  • Qualified researchers with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.



PLJ and Saraswati invites applicants specifically who can work on the following four research tasks:

Task 1. Exploring the inclusive approaches to disaster risk reduction

  • Main data source: Inarisk and Susenas data

Task 2. Understanding the education challenge for children with disabilities

  • Main data source: Dapodik, Geolocation and Susenas data

Task 3. Investigating the employment opportunities for persons with disabilities

  • Main data source: Sakernas data & Susenas data

Task 4. Examining healthcare utilization for persons with disabilities

  • Main data sources: SIRS data & Susenas data



Each applicant is encouraged to submit:

  • An application (one PDF) by 09.00 WIB on 2 June 2023 through the Google Form found here:

    RDID-submission. Please use a Google account to submit.

  • Please compile below the required documents into a single PDF file and read the guidelines carefully before submitting.

    • Curriculum Vitae in English or Bahasa Indonesia (including the years of education, list of research activities and publications, without including any certificates);

    • A recommendation letter in English or Bahasa Indonesia from anyone familiar with the applicant’s research skills; and

    • An one-page document in English or Bahasa Indonesia that clearly explains the applicant’s first and second preference among the four tasks, highlighted above, covering (a) the applicant’s relevant research experience and (b) her/his ideas for potential approaches to tackling the tasks of interest.

PLJ and Saraswati will select the final list of participants (about 16 individuals) based on (a) academic background, (b) research experience, including publication records, and (c) the quality/relevance of the applicant’s suggested approaches to data analysis.

Saraswati will cover the participants’ expenses, including transportation (from outside Jakarta only), meals and snacks, and accommodation for the duration of the event. However, PLJ and Saraswati will not extend an invitation if a candidate cannot attend the full duration of the event.

Successful applicants will be notified by 7 June 2023.

To access the TOR, please click this link: TOR

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